Breakthrough is a series of six unique shows covering a wide range of groundbreaking events in science for the National Geographic Channel. Created by six directors - Ron Howard, Brett Ratner, Peter Berg, Akiva Goldsman, Paul Giamatti and Angela Bassett.

Our assignment was to create a campaign of several promos and teasers while the shows were in production, so we generated various live-action and graphic scenes and a look for the brand. We then shot the directors in several locations in LA and NYC, as each had differing schedules. Working with many talented crew members - DPs, editors, and designers, we were able to create a set of spots that will play to nearly a half-billion homes in 41 countries.

Big thanks to DP’s Connor O’Brien, Mark Ritzema and Andrew Shenkweiller, and the very detail-oriented motion designers Toros Kose and Chris Bjerre, and all brought together by the editorial might of David Nitzsche and Phillip Stoll. Thanks also to Stash Magazine for the write-up.